Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The worst STAR WARS toys ever!!

As soon as I saw princess Leia in star wars , she became my object of fantasy for many years, I,m sure the same went for alot of teenage boy star wars fans out there.So I just couldn't wait to get my very own princess Leia star wars figure , I saved hard and finally the day come when I got my very own princess Leia , on closer inspection when I got her home I was confronted by this...Bang went my Fantasy.

How I used to and still do love my star wars toys , I remember being so excited when I first got my millennium falcon or the Tie fighter for Christmas.I cant say that I would of been so excited about some of these Star wars toys.

First up The force , yep you heard it right you can actually buy the Force in a box.No its not just an empty box (ya right).

Next wow you can actually buy rocks from the planet Alderaan ,No there not just bits of rock(ya right)
The next one Is actually pretty cool , a bit sick , but cool non the less , it would of come in use full in some of my Epic star wars battles on my bedroom floor when I was a kid, I,m afraid the Ewoks always used to get it.

The next not so cool star wars toy is a smouldering corpse from the Lars homestead massacre.
If you are New to Fantasy battles and are wondering what the hell is a fantasy battle and what is this demented freak talking about, check out the sidebar on this blog under THE FANTASY BATTLES and give them a read.I hope you enjoy and they give you a laugh.

Remember guys let me know of a Fantasybattle you would like to see and I,ll get my troop of Killer droids to organise the matchup for your entertainment .I thought of maybe doing a robot only fantasybattle? whos the best bad ass Robot in your book and who would be a good opponant for them to battle ?

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