Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Best amateur Lightsaber battle on the web.

Well guys as you know I,m a massive sci -fi geek and I have been looking forward to this hotly-anticipated sequel to the original YouTube phenomenon of Ryan vs Dorkman,s lightsaber battle for a while now.The first video these two star wars fans made really blew the youtube and star wars communities away with its superb special effects of the lightsabers and the really well choreographed battle itself.Both Ryan and Dorkman first released there video on the star wars forums , then it got Posted on YouTube and the rest is history.If you thought the first video was well done , well You ain't seen nothing yet.So sit back , relax and be prepared to be amazed at this the Brand new Ryan vs Dorkman 2 lightsaber battle (RvD2).

Wasn't that cool? Well if you still have an appetite for more lightsaber duels with these two guys then Here is the first lightsaber battle they ever did.

So Fantasy Battle fans Its nearly that time again when we have to choose the next victims (I mean contestants) to step into the Fantasy Battle Arena.So while my demented troop of space monkeys scan the sci -fi / comic book / star wars / horror regions of the universe looking for some worthy contestants to battle it out until the bitter end.who would you guys like to see step into the fantasy battle arena? .

The short list of the contestants will be with you very soon , then you guys can vote on what matchup you would like to see.Until then , go on get involved put forward your favourite character in a fantasy battle and well see how it goes.
If you are a new Vistor to fantasy battles and are wondering what the hell is this jibbering fool talking about fantasy battles then click a few of the previous battles on the sidebar under THE FANTASY BATTLES to check them out.

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