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Angel vs spock - fantasy battles



"Captains log stardate 8130.3. Starship Enterprise on training mission to Gamma Hydra section 14 coordinates 22 87 4. Approaching neutral zone, all systems normal and functioning. It has come to my attention that after yesterdays capture of a demonic form from the planet earth , we have a serious problem.After the initial interrogation performed by myself and Spock we have gathered information that unless we take some decisive action against an individual called Angelus or Angel in the city of los Angele's on the planet earth that the repercussions for earth in the future could be catastrophic.

The Demonic form we captured told us of a prophecy that two great warriors that now are fighting on the side of light and goodness together will become bitter enemies in the future, at the moment these two warriors keep the balance on Earth of good and evil , they battle demons and evil enerties that threaten the humans .

In this prophecy these two great warriors forget there mission to protect the human race and engage in a bitter fued fuelled by jealousy between themselves that ends ultimately in both being killed.The names of these two great warriors are Buffy and Angel.We have decided to break a fundermental star fleet rule and intervene before this fued takes place and threatens the whole of Earths inhabitants.I am taking this prophercy seriously as spock thinks that this fued could really become a reality and in the vacuum that is left by the death of these two great warriors the demons and dark forces will fill the void and destroy all humans.This is why I will dispatch Spock a highly trained negotiator to assess the situation and take decisive action against Angel if need be

Just then the door to kirks private quarters slid open with a WHOOSH and Spock was standing in the doorway" Are we ready captain"

"Yes Spock , we,ve tracked Angels last known location with the help of the Demon we captured from earth..lets go " Kirk replied as he rose from his chair and made his way over to Spock.

Both Kirk and Spock made there way to the transporter room, Kirk patted Spock on the back and handed him his communication device and phaser "good luck spock " Kirk said as Spock stepped onto the tranporter pad.

Kirk stared with an concerned glare as spock disapeared in the whirl of the transporter beam.The room fell silent..
------------------------------------- --------------- ----------+++
Spock was now standing in a busy los angeles at the back of Wolfram & Hart a law firm that was the last known location of Angel.Spock surveyed the area in a calm and caluculated manner , looking for any sign or hint where Angel could be , just then a tall dark haired man walked from the back of the building, Spocks senses raced and and his Vulcan logic told him that this man was indeed the Great warrior called Angel.

As Angel walked across the car park he stopped and turned to Spock , Angels instinct knew something was wrong.Both spock and Angel looked eachother up and down assessing the other man.

"Can I help you mr , you look a bit out of place here " Angel shouted across the car park to Spock

Spock walked over to Angel " Is your name Angelus , I need to talk to you "

Angel looked at Spock with a hard glare and gritted his teeth "ahh another demon looking for some action , I see , I was gonna get myself a coffee but I,m sure I can fit in a quick ass kicking of an overgrown pixie before that "

Spock raised one eyebrow " A pixie ....a mythical creature of human folklore, considered to be particularly concentrated in the areas around Devon and Cornwall in England.I can assure you I am no Pixie , I am a vulcan , and my name is spock science officer and commanding officer of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 , I have been sent here to talk to you , I do not require as you put it an ass kicking "

Angel stepped closer to spock and looked into his eyes " Look here spock , you are about 3 seconds away from meeting you creator , so say what you gotta say and make it quick pixie boy"

Spock rasied his hands and placed them at key points on Angels face " If you permitt me I just need to do this, then I will leave you in peace "

Spock closed his eyes and started to merge his conciossness with Angels subconciossnes in a ancient act of Vulcan mind Fusion.Instantly Angels eyes started to flicker and his body started to tremble , a vision started to appear to spock.....

Instantly spock knew that this was the begining of the prophecy and that from that moment on Angel and Buffy would destroy eachother and thus plungle earth into a ever decreasing spiral of evil from which the planet would never escape, spock knew that he must eliminate this man Angel for the sake of earth.

Spock let go of Angels face and Angel fell to his kness and put his hands over his eyes.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Angel screamed "NEVER "

Angel had seen the exact same preminition as spock, as spock had seen it.

"What Mind games are you trying to play on me Demon " Angel screamed as he jumped to his feet and pushed Spock away.Angels thoughts raced was this punishment for all the crimes the commited as angelus? was this just demon trickery ?

Spock reached for his phaser with lightening reactions and blasted at Angel , Angel dived to the ground and the phaser blast slammed into a car behind him setting it on fire instantly.

Angel rose up from the ground , his eyes now glowed red and his face was now of a vampire enraged and looking for blood.Angel charged at Spock like a jaguar onto his prey , spock aimed his phaser once again at Angel but it was too late , Angel slammed into spock and they both fell over , Angel ontop of Spock .Angel looked up at the sky and let out a fierce blood curdeling roar , then grabbed Spock around his throat and started to squeeze with superhuman unmercifull strength .

Spock clasped Angels hands and tried to free them from his neck, but Angels hands stayed firm.Spock drew his own arm back and karate chopped angel in the side of his neck with massive force.Angel fell to the side of spock.

Both Spock and Angel jumped immediatly to there feet and began to circle eachother with arms outstretched looking for the weakness in the other opponant, with a loud roar and bearing his sharp white teeth Angel squatted down and then leaped high into the air coming down hard with both hands clasped delivering a massive hammer blow to spocks head , spock collasped to the floor .Angel saw his opportunity to finish spock off , Angel grabbed Spocks hair and pulled his head back exposing spocks fragile neck, Angel went in to sink his ferocious teeth into spocks jugular, Angel was just about to clamp his teeth into Spocks neck when spock with one hand put a hand on Angels forehead to stop the attack and with the other hand plunged his fingers deep into Angels coller bone delivering a crushing Vulcan Pinch .

Angel arched his back in pain , Spock intesified his Vulan pinch , Angel let out a huge scream with the intense pain of the attack .Angel could feel his lifeforce ebbing away and things starting to turn black , it was nearly over ..

Angel started to have visions of buffy and his life before he recieved a soul, his life as angelus ,all the innocents he had killed , the women , the alcohol , he needed to redeem himself , he needed to see buffy again...

"I .....WILL ..NOT LET YOU DESTROY WHAT I COULD HAVE...WHAT I WILL HAVE " Angel gasped as he pullled himself back from the blackness that was comsuming him.Angel looked down and saw Spocks Phaser attached to his belt, he made a grab for it..

The phaser went off ZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAMMMM , both men crumpled to the ground like rag dolls, smoke filled the air then there was a deathly silence..

Minutes passed in silence , minutes that seemed like an eternity, the smoke finally cleared to expose the scene , Angels eyes flicked open and he gasped in a massive breath of air , Angel slowly pulled himself up onto his knees to look what had happened to his opponant .spock had recieved a phaser blast to his chest and was still alive , but only just..

Just then an electronic noise pierced the silence " Kirk to Spock .... come in you recieve spock....Abort mission ...I repeat abort mission , there is no prophecy spock , this Demon we have on the ship his name is SPIKE and its all been a set up, he wanted to trick us into killing Angel so he could have the other warrior Buffy to himself, he was fuelled by jealousy.Abort mission spock..we are beaming you up now...stand by"

Spock looked at his communicator then looked at Angel " This is highley irregular" he said raising one eyebrow

"I will survive , dont worry "Spock said as he reached out his hand to Angel , Angel went to touch his hand but spocks body was now immersed in the transportation beam from the enterprise and he dissapeared leaving Angel alone again..

---------------------------------------------THE END

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