Monday, June 26, 2006

Cooltopten Fantasy Battles & Cool stuff..


Cool Fantasy Battles between your favourite Sci-fi and Fantasy Characters including Darth Vader and the Sith Lords , Pinhead and the Cenabites , Jedi Masters , Horror figures.
Whoever you want?
You choose.......

1/ Who's cooler? Who would kick more ass... Pinhead or Darth Vader?

A/.... THE general of the Galaxy (Darth vader) or
B/....THE prince of PAIN(Hellraisers Pinhead)

Just leave us your thoughts on the above battle or any other fantasy battle you would like to see.
calv said...Vader is one of the most powerful Sith Lords
His telekinetic ability was on the same level as Dooku’s His mechanically engineered strength was massive .
He could kill via a mere glance and a thought. His armor was capable of absorbing glancing lightsaber blows .
He IS the Darkside... There is no match!
Jess said...Vader vs Pinhead? Vader of course
Wraith said...Vader vs Pinhead? No contest; Vader is MUCH cooler.
Anonymous said...Darth Vader is MUCH cooler than Pinhead. He'd beat Pinhead like a drum!
Salohcin said...Well pinhead looks cool, but i really like vader more 'cause I'm such I Star Wars fan.
Melly said... Pinhead is just too scary so Darth Vader wins on the cool stakes (athough not without his helmet on ... very ugly and un-cool then!)
David said...Lord Vader, the man, or what's left of him is powerful, Master Qui-Gon said it himself in Eps. 1, and his power grew since then, pinhead is just somewhat powerful.

3/This might be a fairer match........
Arnies Terminator Vs Star Wars very own cancer man General Grievous?

How do you think this would turn out? would general grieveous be torched by the Term or could the scenario go like this . . . . . .
General Grievous;- ' You fool.... i've been trained in the Jedi Arts by Count Dooku. Attack Terminator!!!'
Arnie;- 'I'll be back'.
David said....The Terminator, this guy is unstoppable, remember in T2, the beating
he took from T-1000, and he still beat him, plus general grevious looks like the coward type.
4/ Imagine this, the cenebites find themselves in the posession of the one ring. Do you think Saurons Ring Wraits would follow the cenebites to hell and beyound? If they did what would be the out come?
Who would rule the land of the souless?
Sharpen your hooks, unsheath your daggers. Think this one would be carnage.
Tell us what you think?
2/ Now this is another tough one....

A/The twisted but lovable Golem or
B/the small but powerful Master Yoda.

Who do you think's cooler?
Who do you think would win in a Gollum V's Yoda deathmatch? Minus the light-sabres, hehe ;)
Would the Master Yoda run rings round the nimble Gollum or would Gollum get his wirey hands round yodas neck first.

Comments ,
Malinborn said...Very interesting!Gotta go with Yoda and Vader on the cooler scale.. though Golem is almost as old as Yoda
Wraith said...Yoda vs. Golem? Golem's alright, but Yoda is THE MAN!
Anonymous said...Yoda would rip Golem a new one.
Jess said...Yoda vs Golem? I have to go with Yoda, that little green man has way with people.

Melly said... Yoda, Yoda, Yoda ..... no question - he is the guru of everything!!!
Davidsaid...Yoda, this one is really not a fair fight, a jedi master who's arguably the most powerful jedi versus a frail schizophrenic cave creature. A better match would be Sauron, he was kick-ass!

Leave your comments and suggestions on who ? what ? or whatever you think is cool?
We will post your comments and try to bring you what you want -:)
In the end we want to know who's the number one bad ass dude of the universe?
Does anyoe know who the Names of these Original Star Wars figures from left to right?
Who the hell is that robot on the far right?

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