Wednesday, February 07, 2007

FANTASYBATTLES Ghosts ,creatures & ufo,s.

Well guys thanks for all your comments on the last FANTASYBATTLE ,I,m glad you all enjoyed it.I,ll be bringing you another battle within the next few days.Ive had a few ideas that I think you,ll like.EWOKS VS SMURFS or BUSH VS BINLADIN ?

You guys know the drill by now whatever the most popular suggestion is wins and that's the battle that is featured here on FANTASYBATTLES.
It can be anyone you like vs anyone you like.I look forward to your suggestions.

To keep you entertained until then , we all love ghost & alien stories ,and tales of strange and mysterious creatures .well check these vids out ,the first video was captured in a Tokyo tube station and unknown to the person who filmed it they captured something really freaky and pretty scary.let me know what you think?

This footage is of a ghost caught on tape while a prison complex was under a paranormal investigation.I have to say that If you think of all the cctv cameras around this world that are monitoring 24/7 you think there really would be by now some definitive footage if ghost exist or not.

The second video is of a strange creature that was caught on tape by some Spanish guys.It is weird ,looks like a demon to me?

So guys what did you think, do you believe in ghosts , demons and strange creatures now ?
Also who would you like to see battle it out to the bitter end in the next Fantasybattle?

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