Saturday, December 16, 2006


This is the Battle you guys wanted to see.

The calculating unstoppable MICHAEL MYERS vs The chainsaw wielding Butcher LEATHERFACE .

"Michael you cult loving freak, not so tough now are you without your mask and knife, man I,d kick your ass if I didn't have this badge. Do you know where your going asshole?
Your going to hell..... or as the judge called it the maximum security prison in Texas. I heard there's some real hard asses there waiting for you, man I hope you get what you deserve you sick bastard" the prison guard shouted through the grill of the prison truck.

Michael sat motionless in the back of the truck shackled on both his hands and feet just staring at the metal floor of the truck.

"Hey psycho boy, your gonna rot in your cell, that's if your lucky" the prison guard continued smiling across at his partner who was driving. His partner glanced back at him nervously, "we need to stop for gas buddy" he said tapping the fuel gauge.

"Well isn't that just frigging great, theres only one stop for gas on route 17 and that's 2 km ahead."
A while later the truck pulled into the seeminly deserted gas station, the guard got out and began to fill the truck with gas leaving the nervous driver alone with Michael Myers.

" Need a piss! "

"What!" replied the truck driver turning in his seat to find Myers face pressed up to the grill separating them.

"pisssssssssss..." Myers hissed as he stared at him through the grill.

The driver recoiled back from the grill, " Sit down!" he shouted. Myers slowly obliges as the prison guard returned to the truck.

"He's gotta pee."

"What the hell, no way, let the freak piss himself!" replied the guard.

"You gonna clean it up?"

The guard let a out a heavy sigh "Oh shit, ok, I'll take him."

Myers could feel a rush of excited anticipation as he hobbled out of the back of the truck and slowly made his way to the rear of the gas station.

The stench of ammonia filled his nostrils as the guard opened the rest room door and Myers entered. Quickly assessing his surroundings Myers hobbled towards the only cubicle.

"I don't think so asshole." said the guard motioning towards the urinals "Your staying where I can see you."

Myers relaxed and took steady deep breaths as he stood eyes closed at the urinals. Ignoring the constant annoying jabber of the imputent prison guard standing only a few feet behind him, he smiled to himself thinking about the events to come.

"Times up stage fright." said the guard trying to hide the nervousness in his voice.

Myers continued to stand motionless in front of him, looking almost serene in the dank grotty station restroom. Apprehensively the prison guard took a deep breath and approached Myers, as he streched out his hand to grab Myers shoulder Myers turned suddenly to face him.

Shock and terror ran through the guards body. His head swimming with disbelief and fear as he looked upon the featureless face before him. Staggering backwards he took in the masked face of the notorious killer. Instinctively the guard reached for his gun, Myers stepped steadily towards him "Get back asshole!" the guard shrieked. Shaking and sweating he raised the gun and closing his eyes he fired three times.

A loud crashing sound followed as Myers body was thown back with the force of the shots to his chest shattering the mirror behind him. Myers slumped to the floor in a shower of glass. Stillness filled the room, the gun smoke slowly raised to the roof of the rest room. The only sound was the heavy panting of the guard.

"Shit!" he exclaimed opening his eyes and taking in the scene of Myers body. After a moment he slowly approached Myers lifeless body, "You stupid son of ARGHHHHH".

The guards eyes opened wide, his mouth dropping open at an odd angle as Myers thrust a large slither of mirror through one side of his neck and up into his head. The guard grasped his neck as a huge spray of blood rained across the room, he fell back writhing around on the tiled floor like a wounded animal.

+ + +

The driver sat bolt upright in his seat as three gunshots reverberated across the station forcourt. Shaking and fumbling he grasped his gun from its holster.

After taking a few steady breaths he clumsily got out of the truck and made his way to the back of the gas station. The sound of his heart beating was almost deafening in his ears as he reached the restroom door.

Taking hold of the door handle he stirred all of his courage and threw open the door. Gun outstretched infront of him he scanned the room, a lake of blood covered the floor and then he noticed a familiar boot sticking out from under the cubicle door.

"Mother fucker!" he screamed.

He felt a rush of nausea course through his body, his courage failed him and he turned to run but there standing behind the door Myers ghost white face and cold eyes staring at him from behind his mask. The driver stood paralyzed with fear like he was in a nightmare. Myers swiftly raised his arm and plunged a huge shard of mirror into the drivers chest. Repeatedly he stabbed him again and again each time a stream of blood shot from each wound.

Slowly the beige colour of the drivers shirt turned black with blood. Satisfaction and something like pleasure filled Myers senses as he watched his victim collapse to the floor like a ragdoll.

Myers left the carnage he had created and made his way through a wooded area opposite the station, he smiled to himself reflecting of the mornings endeavors back at the gas station.

He thought to himself how much more satisfying the first guard had been to slaughter. The shock and surprise on the gas attendants face however enjoyable to behold had not compared to the thrill of watching that obnoxious guard wriggling like a worm on a hook on the dirty toilet floor. Having a certain relationship with your victims had after all surprising advantages at the end of the day.

Myers had walked for sometime through the Forrest and dusk was falling when he found himself at an edge of a clearing. He stood calmly turning the large knife he had found at the gas station in his blood stained hands as he observed an old decrepid looking house that stood still and dark on the edge of the Forrest.

A large bulky looking man wearing what looked like a butchers apron appeared at the back of the house, his face was disfigured and ugly. The man walked slowly away from the house towards a wood pile when he stopped suddenly in his tracks appearing to sniff the air and tilting his head in Myers direction.

Myers bloodlust was rampant now, he felt excited at the prospect of watching his next victims face when he took his last breath. While Leatherface salivated contemplating the man in the shadows and the sweet taste of fresh meat as he reached down and grasped the handle of his trusted chainsaw.

Myers sunk back into the shadows and moved around silently to the right of Leatherface, position himself percetly to ambush on his new prey. Myers just couldn't wait until the cold steel of the knife penetrated his victims body and he could hear once again that satisfying sound of ripping flesh and feel the warm blood flow over his cold hands.

Leatherface never lost sight of Myers for a second ,he walked slowly chainsaw in hand to cut off his victims route. Salivating he thought to himself how much he did love the fresh taste of flesh, tongue was nice but eye balls were a particular favorite, there was something about the consistency which was unlike any other body part...... he could feel his muscles twitching ready for the slaying ... soon, so soon the feast of flesh could begin....

Leatherface stomped through the long dry grass towards the direction he had seen myers go, suddenly a noise to his left made Leatherface turned but there was nothing there. Slowly he turned back scanning the surrounding area searching for his prey when a white face appeared from the shadows, eyes gleaming at him.

Myers rushed Leatherface knife out streched towards his chest and before Leatherface could react myers plunged the long knife deep into his chest. A gasp and glurgling sound followed from Leatherfaces chest. Now in a frenzy Myers pulled the knife out and again and again he plunged it into Leatherfaces chest. With every impact Leatherface stumbled further and further back. As myers stuck the knife in again Leather face grabbed Myers hand with a vice like grip and began to twist and turn the knife in his own chest. Pulling the knife from his chest, he twisted Myers hand and wrist till it nearly snapped like a twig. Leatherface drew himself up and bore down on Myers, triumphantly threw his head back and thrust it forward head butting Myers full force in the face sending Myers flying backwards into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Almost immediately there was a loud raw and a chattering and clunking of metal on metal, a stong smell of petrol fumes filled the air. Leatherface stood over his victim with sweet satisfaction as he raised his trusted chainsaw in the air ready for the butchery to begin.

With a howl of pleasure Leatherface thrust the chainsaw straight in to Myers stomach, the vibration and shredding action of the chainsaw made myers writhe like a slaughtered animal in the last throws of death. Blood spewed over the ground, petrol fumes filled the air and then myers was still.

Grunting and panting leatherface pulled the chainsaw from Myers body with a satisfying squeltching sound like boots being pulled from deep wet mud. Turning back towards the house Leatherface grabbed Myers ankle in one hand, chainsaw in the other he paced purposefully back to the house dragging myers lifeless body behind him.

Dumping the body at the door of his house leather face goes to collect more appropriate cutting implements as the chainsaw however fun for dealing the fatal blow really doesn't cut good steaks. Leatherface enters the kitchen placing his chainsaw beside him on the bench and starts looking for his largest meat cleaver and his sharpest hack saw. From behind Leatherface a floor board creeks and without hesitating Leatherface drops the cleaver and saw, grabbing his chainsaw from off the side and starts it turning to face the figure behind him. There in the doorway Myers stares emotionless at him. In shear frustration and disbelief Leatherface charges at Myers to finish him off properly this time.

As lethaerface swung at Myers, with incredible speed and strength myers grabbed the handle of the chainsaw turning the attacker into the attacked. With inhuman strength Myers forced the spinning blades of the chainsaw towards leatherfaces own neck pausing for a moment to absorb the scene and look into the bulging eyes of Leatherface, before he slowly and methodically thrust the chainsaw into Leatherfaces thick set neck. A surge of excitement throbbed through myers body as he felt the warm blood run down the chainsaw blade onto Myers cold cold hands. With a final thump the head of leatherface fell to the floor, blood spilling from the neck. Leatherfaces decapitated body slumped to the floor in a pool of dark blood.

As Myers slipped away back into the darkness of the wood he felt pleased with himself. A good first day back two cops, a gas station attendant and his first decapitation with a chainsaw.

My psychiatrist was right, he thought to himself, life does have its good days...........

The End.

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