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LORD Darth Vader, The dark Lord of the Sith was resting in the bowels of the Death Star Battle station contemplating his next move to finally rid the universe of the rebel alliance once and for all. When he sensed someone approaching, he could feel that the answer to eliminate the scourge of the rebels was coming to him.

The the door to his private quarters opened and one of his loyal servants entered "forgive me lord Vader for this interuption but we have found something on the ice-world of Hoth that I think you need to see" the faithfull servant stuttered. Calmly and coldly Lord vader said in a menacing tone "I sense much of the Dark side energy in what you have found, I can feel the power and the terrible destruction, the pain & suffering"

He sensed that whatever they had found could help his cause to crush the rebels. Vader became impatient, he wanted to see the source of this power, he wanted to posses this dark and mysterious object that his loyal troopers had stumbled across on Hoth. Vader ordered his servant to show him what they had found. "right away Lord Vader" the reply came. The servant muttered into his communication device and seconds later the door opened again ,this time five storm troopers entered the quarters, the trooper in the middle of them held within his hands a sealed metal box with two big clasps at either end, he was flanked by two troopers either side of him guns in hand.

They handed the sealed box to the servant then turned and left without a word spoken. "Tell me, how did you come across this object on the Ice-world and why did you think I would be so interested in it that you could disturb me" Vader said in a threatening manner to his loyal servant. The servant held the metal box with out stretched arms towards Vader in a defensive manner, he swallowed hard with the thought that soon he may feel a vice like grip around his throat.

"Well ...umm,Lord Vader our troopers raided a rebel convoy on the Ice-planet of Hoth two days ago, and after the raid, what was left of the rebels retreated into a small cave to the east of the planet, our troopers followed them there to eliminate them, before we entered the cave we sent a surveillance droid to monitor what defenses they had and we recorded them saying that they must destroy or hide this box, because if the darkside got there hands on it and the evil power that it possesed, it could spell the end of the rebel cause for ever." After we raided the cave we could find no trace of this box we had heard the rebel scum discussing. Then we found one rebel who had not been eliminated yet, after many hours of torture he showed us where they had hidden it."

The servant placed the metal box on the console next to vader "We have not yet opened it Lord Vader, all virus & biological scans have been completed on it and it is safe to handle. Will that be all Lord Vader" the servant said as he looked at the box with interest "You have done well" Vader said not even looking up at the servant.The servant turned and walked out of Vaders quarters, taking one last look at the shiny metal box. "Thankyou sir."

Now Lord Vader was alone, he hesitated for a few seconds to behold this evil, dark energy that was emmiting from this box. He slowly unclasped each of the stong metal clasps at either end of the box. A woosh of stail & stagnent air rushed from it as he open the box wide. He now could feel the dark force so strong, so deep, so exquisetly evil. He knew that with this power of this object within this box the days of the rebels where numbered. Lord Vader reached into the box and with his black leather glove and grasped what was inside. It was a small wooden box with an intricate gold pattern inlayed across every surface.

What is the meaning of this he thought , the fools , how can this box be of any use to me.
Then he had such an overwhelming feeling of the dark force ,and absolute intrigue as to the power this small box held.

He ran his index finger over the surface of the box, around the strange symbols. Every inch of this box was emmiting such evil and darkness. Turning the box in his hands over and over searching every inch as if his fingers were being lead systematically over the markings. Then suddenly without warning there was a click and the box fell from Lord Vaders grasp and hit the ground with a thud.

As soon as the box hit the ground it started to change.....

Like a childs puzzle box section after section of the box clicked in and out of place coming back to rest, motionless on the ground as if nothing had changed but Darth knew this box had started something. He could feel the menacing presence, a great evil and forboding.

Vaders thoughts rushed, was this a rebel trap, had he just set the timer to a plasma bomb, had he been betrayed by his own loyal servant? No this was a power too great, greater even than the emporer perhaps?

He took a step backwards, now the dark force was stiffling, the air in the room thick with anticipation, something had changed. He was no longer alone, someone or something was there.

The room grew dark, a deathly silent all consuming dark, the air growing ever colder and a pungent smell of rotting and decomposition filled Darths senses.

A cracking, crunching noise echoed round the walls filling the room, Vader turned to where the noise was eminating. He couldnt believe what he was seeing, the wall to his quarters started to crack and groan letting in a sharp earie light. The walls opened up to reveal a doorway. Within Lord Vader could see the sillouette of a dark figure enshrouded in light, the figure slowley walked forwards. Vader faced the figure taking steady deep breaths, waiting with an excited anticipation to what the outcome of this encounter would be, he reached to his belt and felt his lightsaber.

The strange and mysterious figure walked slowly out of the light and into Lord vaders reality. They both glared at eachother. This cant be happening Lord Vader thought to himself, who or what is this creature.

The figure walked into view now, a hellish figure with pins in his face, it was like hell had come to claim Lord vader for all the suffering he had caused to others.

Lord vader asked "who are you creature and why have you come here"

Pinhead started to laugh an evil laugh " hahaha Hello Anakin, you dont mind me calling you that do you? I,m an explorer in the further regions of experience. A Demon to some. Angel to others, the box you opened it and I came."

"I have such sights to show you Anakin, pain & pleasure will become indivisible. The box is a means to summon me. Now I am here and its time for your suffering to begin."

Lord vaders memories of this name Anakin where buzzing around his head, Lord Vader felt a rage like he had never felt before, he raised his hand and with his finger and thumb began to telekinetically crush this creatures neck. "You have said enough now creature" he said in a determined voice.

Pinhead started to feel the affect of this vice like crushing to his neck, he fell to his knees and clasped his throat. Vader wached, the dark force was rushing through him now, all that was on his mind was to crush this hellish creature who dared to address him in this way.

Then a womens voice rang out, "Anakin NO, please NO, not again, I love you Anakin, why are you doing this? please dont hurt me"

Vader couldnt believe his eyes, what he thought was an evil creature was now a young women. "Please Anakin, dont you recognise me? its me your wife Padmé Amidala."

Vader stunned and surprised released his grip "What ...what ...I.. I.. remember a padme from my dreams" As soon as Vader released his grip on the young womens throat, she stood up "Anakin dont you remember me, please dont hurt me again" she walked closer to Vader "I love you Anakin"

Vader searched his memories, he was battling with himself now, torrments and pain swirled round his head like a whirlwind of suffering, a feeling of regret and sorrow started to surge though his body.

"Thats it Anakin do remember me now dont your them" Then the young wome started to smile "how can you hurt me, I love you so much"

Padme then started to laugh "see you still have human dreams dont you Anakin, Human dreams.........Human dreams such fertile ground for the seeds of torment. You're so ripe Anakin, and now it's harvest time. "

Suddenly the sounds of chains and metal ratteling filled the room, it grew louder and louder and without warning chains with large hooks at the end appeared from the ceiling and the hooks dug deep into Vaders hands and feet pulling him into the air in a crucifix position.

The sweet Padmes face started to change, then all was apparent, Pinhead was now standing there in place of Padme. "You are weaker than you think Anakin, your mind is so naked. A book that yearns to be read. A door that begs to be opened."

"Down the dark decades of your pain, this will seem like a memory of Heaven for you Anakin, now you have a choice. I am offering you a place at my right hand - flesh, power, dominion, we could destroy your foes the jedi, its all just flesh to be sculpted. But you WILL bow down before me."

Vader looked to the left at a large console that sat in the corner of the room and reached out with his mind. It started to shudder and shake then it rose up in a shower of sparks and flew across the room towards pinhead and striking him full in the chest and throwing him back into the doorway from where he had came. The chains shattered that where binding Vader. He then held his hand outreached in the direction of Pinhead a brilliant white light of dark force started to lift pinhead off the ground his legs flayling round under him.

"You have decieved me enough now Demon, I bow down to no one except the emperor himself, your tricks and manpulations of the mind are indeed very powerfull, but now demon you must DIE!!"

Vader moved his arms in a circular motion and Pinhead smashed and crashed into the walls of his quarters sending sparks and halos of white light cascading around the room. Vader then dropped Pinhead to the floor and all fell silent apart from the groans from Pinhead, who was now on his knees trying to recover from the onslaught of dark force that Vader had unleashed on him.

"Now you will feel the pain you enjoy so much demon" Vader walked closer to Pinhead reached to his side and grabbed his lightsaber. He held the humming red lightsaber over the head of Pinhead ready to execute him.

Pinhead smiled and looked up into the face of Lord Vader "It's all a puzzle, isn't it, Anakin? Like a game of chess, perhaps. The pieces move, apparently aimlessly, but always towards one single objective, to kill the king. But who is the king in this game Anakin that is the question you must ask yourself. I can not be defeated in this realm "

"ENOUGH!!" Vader shouted he swung his arm back in a big arc and brought the lightsaber down with such force and hatred for this demon of trickery.

Pinhead layed decapitated on the floor, his vile blood spread across the floor. It was over.

"Anakin Skywalker.....I love you" a young womens voice whispered from behind Vader, Vader spun round but there was nothing there apart from an empty room. He turned back to Pinheads body but it had gone and so had the doorway.

The little puzzle box sat innocently on the floor in place of Pinheads body.....

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE END


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